Spacious Hotel in Milan

Hotel Poliziano Milan Agoda

ADI Hotel Poliziano Feria AgodaIf you will be attending a conference in Milan, consider booking outside of the city center.

We stayed at Hotel Poliziano Fiera when we attended the chef’s congress Identita Golose, which was held at the at the MiCo Milano Congressi, in via Gattamelata.

It’s on the traditional side, i.e. unlike a lot of boutique hotels on the Agoda list, it doesn’t have hipster designs or art. BUT, check out this old school piano with candelabras! Pretty cool.

Hotel PolizianoI can see my dad singing here with his lolo buds. LOL.

Hotel Poliziano Feria AgodaFor breakfast, you can also muni-muni at this terrace. It’s quite nice. Unfortunately it was so cold when we were there (February) that although I attempted to have my morning coffee here, I was forced to go back inside.poliziano 5 terraceThe lobby is also pretty spacious. So if you’re a big family on a trip or meeting up with friends, they won’t feel cramped at all while waiting for you at the lobby. (Off topic: Doesn’t that painting look like a Baldemor?) I say this because the hotel we stayed at in Paris had this itsy bitsy lobby that my friends were standing while waiting for me.

Milan Italy Hotel Poliziano AgodaAnother plus factor for this hotel is that the rooms are quite spacious. There’s space for that mat for your morning yoga.

poliziano 2Getting to the city may take around 20 minutes by train. Note that it’s not a subway that they have nearby (around 2 blocks away) but also an old-school kind of train (parang PNR/cable car). But by taxi – and we took a cab everywhere because it was so cold – it’s just around 10 minutes away from everywhere.

There are also nice neighborhood eateries around the area. Anyway, it’s Italy. Food is good everywhere!

You can book via HERE.

Photo credits: Margaux Salcedo,

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