Chef Elena Arzak in Phils for Madrid Fusion Manila

Chef Elena Arzak is now in the Philippines for Madrid Fusion Manila.

A breakfast for the Spanish business community to welcome Chef Elena was held at The Peninsula’s Old Manila this morning.

Chef Elena gamely took to the podium and answered playful questions from the audience.

No, she has not tasted balut, she said with a smile, but she has tasted adobo.

“I find it interesting that we have dishes with similar names but they are totally different from what we have in Spain. For instance, I tried turron here. We also have turron in Spain but the turron here is not at all like how we know it!” she said, amused.

“We need to come up with a whole new dictionary for Filipino food!” (By the way, Felice Sta Maria is already working on that.

Chef Elena has also tried adobo and kinilaw and is fascinated at how there are different interpretations of the dish per region.

“In that sense the Philippines is just like Spain where we have different versions of a dish in different regions.”

Chef Elena will give a talk at Madrid Fusion Manila on Friday and will also be at Gallery Vask for a collaboration dinner with Chef Chele Gonzalez, a “graduate” of Restaurant Arzak in San Sebastian.

2 thoughts on “Chef Elena Arzak in Phils for Madrid Fusion Manila

  1. Que suerte!!! How lucky you are Ms. Salcedo to have gotten close contact with Sra. Arzak. I was also at Madrid Fusion Manila but I was unable to attend any of the dinners or more private encounters. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable experience to have listened to those humble geniuses!


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