Iron Chef Vietnam Nguyen Van Tu at Red Ginger, City of Dreams

I just had the most amazing Vietnamese meal at Red Ginger at the City of Dreams and I plan to be here every day until this guest chef leaves!

The guest chef is Nguyen Van Tu. He was declared Iron Chef Vietnam a few years ago and his colleage says Tu beat Thailand in an Iron Chef competition as well.

His restaurant Don’s Tay Ho bistro was ranked No. 47 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards.   He is at Red Ginger only until the 27th. Everything on the menu is worth ordering!

Start with the wraps and rolls. The various wraps and rolls include barbecue pork and duck confit. This is the dish that had Teddyboy Locsin at hello. In the jar is fish sauce that kind of tasted like vinegar. Inside the roll is pork. I rolled the entire thing in the leaves. IMG_5729-0

My favorite among all the items in the menu is the Grlled Seabass appreciated Vietnamese style, as you wrap it in rice paper with noodles, cucumber, dill and pineapples before giving it in Vietnamese fish sauce. Really this was simply apahap but was so fresh and once mixed with the various herbs the dish was simply taken to a whole other level of appreciation. Also loved how the chef incorporated dill, which is not a usual Asian ingredient.

If you are in the mood for beef, try the Bun Bo Nam Bo which is Angus beef fillet marinated in oyster sauce oil and fish sauce and then served in noodle buns.

But for me, even better is the Beef Luk Lac,  with stir fried Angus Beef fillet. I learned later there is added flavor due to bourbon and pineapples aside from the usual mix of coriander and oyster sauce. It’s kind of like a stew though stir fried, simply wet with the natural juices from the tomato. I asked for extra rice paper so that I could roll it in that even if you can also appreciate this with rice.  

If you like sticky rice try the Bahn Trou for dessert. these are stuffed sticky rice balls with palm sugar and sesame.


For dessert I highly recommend the Passion Fruit Creme Brulee, a mixture of cream, sugar,  egg yolk, gelatin leaf and passionfruit juice accented with diced mangoes grapes and strawberries. Underneath is actually an ice cream but to make it appear like a crème brûlée the top part is torched for that crusty burnt effect. And because there is passionfruit it is also slightly sour. this is a truly unique dessert.

I’m coming back here everyday until the 27th!!!




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