Sunset Cruise in Puerto Galera

So I am guilty of not visiting as often but so happy to find that Puerto Galera is no longer just for backpacker adventurists used to roughing it but you can now also cruise in style on these yancas – a banca base with the body of a yacht. 

Got to piggyback on a get-together of my dad Ephraim Salcedo with his brotherhood The Shepherds (an organization he founded in 2012) and join a sunset cruise aboard Big Beth, an 82 foot yanca! 

Check out my story on this gorgeous boat here: in my column First Class in the Philippine Daily Inquirer

The boat has a lower deck that is big enough to house a buffet station and can even become a makeshift dance floor! 

There is also an upper deck that gives you a clear view of the sunset. 

Hope to come back with some of my favorite chefs in tow for some hard core sunset fine dining!!! 

Visit for dive resort details. 

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