End of an Era: Cafe Ysabel Closing Soon

My cousin held her wedding reception here. I had one of my first dinner dates in college here. It was the epitome of fine dining in the early ’90s.


A few years ago, owner Chef Gene Gonzalez hosted a chocolate dinner for international celebrity chef Bobby Chinn here. And let’s not forget the celebrities who learned to cook or honed their cooking skills here like Judy Ann Santos.

But like the Mandarin and the Intercon, like Fat Michael’s in Bangkal and L’Incontro and Cafe Maestro on Reposo, this culinary institution’s journey is about to come to an end.

Cafe Ysabel is saying goodbye.

The restaurant posted on its Facebook page —

Cafe Ysabel, Gene Gonzalez, Judy Ann Santos, San Juan restaurants, Margaux Salcedo blog, margauxliciousBut it closes in April yet so there’s still time for that one last hurrah, if only to relive beautiful memories you made there. Or to create a memory while you can.


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