5 Ways the Dialog Oven Will Change Cooking Forever

Miele's Dialog Oven. Photo by Philippine food writer Margaux Salcedo for margauxlicious.com.

When Miele says that their latest creation, the Dialog Oven, is revolutionary, they are not exaggerating.

Here are 5 ways the Dialog Oven will change cooking forever:

1. Food will now be cooked using energy penetrating it all throughout, all at the same time, unlike current ovens where heat struggles from outside the ingredient to its center

Miele uses something called Volumetric Cooking. As opposed to the traditional ovens where heat makes its way from the outside of the item being cooked, making its way to the center of the ingredient, the Dialog Oven, using very intelligent antennae has energy penetrating the item being cooked from all around and all throughout the ingredient.

This means that the outside of the ingredient – be it meat or vegetables or whatever other food – will not have its outer layers melt or burn before its center or the inside of the ingredient is cooked.

So no more worrying about food that is too hot on the inside yet still raw or freezing in the center.

To demonstrate the technology at the world premiere, Miele placed a piece of fish inside a block of ice with walls (of ice) over an inch thick.

Miele Dialog Oven world premiere demo

Wonder of wonders, the fish inside the ice was cooked – without the ice melting!


2. Various ingredients like vegetables and meat will no longer have to be cooked separately.

Miele Dialog Oven world premiere demo of cooking salmon. Photo by Margaux Salcedo for margauxlicious.com.Chefs at the premiere also demonstrated how a) one piece of fish can be cooked just one side, without touching the other side; and b) various ingredients like veal and vegetables can be cooked at the same time.

Salmon slices were placed in the oven, half covered in foil. After the plugged in amount of time, the part wrapped in foil remained raw, just thawed out properly, ready to be eaten ceviche-style; and the other half was fully cooked. And properly cooked at that.

I always have that problem with cooking fish wherein the inside is raw while the outside is already overcooked. The Miele Dialog Oven will change that! Again, because of the volumetric technology – cooking is no longer down from the outside going in but all throughout all at once.

3. Soggy food will be a thing of the past

Two frozen cakes. One was placed in a microwave oven to thaw; another was placed in the Dialog Oven. The one placed in the microwave oven melted (picture below, cake on the right). The one placed in the Dialog oven came out just perfect, as if it was just freshly made (picture below, left).

Also, recall how the fish in the ice block was cooked without melting the ice at all. The Dialog Oven is so smart that it detects the item that it needs to cook and has the capacity to ignore the ice.

That’s M Chef technology for you!

4. No more need to constantly check if your meat is cooking properly.

As demonstrated, you just need to plug in the kind of meat, weight, and preferred doneness … and the machine will think about the rest for you!

The veal that was served to us, cooked in the Dialog Oven wrapped in beeswax, was a perfect medium. So tender, so delicious.

5. Millennials rejoice! You can cook using your mobile phone.

Sonja Celik, product manager of the Dialog Oven, explained to me that there is now also a Miele Recipe App. This has hundreds of developed recipes; as well as the possibility of uploading new recipes. Then with just a touch of the “Send to Appliance” button, all the details will be sent to the Dialog Oven, and once your ingredients are the oven, just press and play!

Just like that, dinner is served.

Isn’t it truly revolutionary?


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