Michter’s Whiskey Now Available in Manila

Had a very interesting lunch today whose menu was whiskey, whiskey and whiskey!

Met Matthew Magliocco of Michter’s, a maker of whiskey based in Louisville, Kentucky – which I correctly identfied as where Jennifer Lawrence is from 😉

Matthew very passionately explained why their whiskeys are more competitive than others, the foremost reason being that they really invest in their barrels which they painstakingly air dry (as opposed to kiln) even if this takes longer, at least 18 months, and is more expensive. This allows the barrels to absorb more details from the environment which in turn reflects in the flavors of the whiskey.

We tried a US*1 Bourbon, a US*1 Rye, a sour mash, a 10 year old Kentucky Straight bourbon and a 10 year old Kentucky Straight rye.

My fave was the 10 year bourbon, which apparently is not necessarily aged just 10 years but can be anywhere between 10-17 years. Matthew thinks what we had today was in fact a 12 year old. Another special thing about this is that the 10 year old bourbons are single oak. (Like me – haha! Single oak for single folk LOL).

Matthew noted though that their master blender, Pamela, is especially proud of the rye, which has made a comeback recently with the popularity of Prohibition cocktails. He himself prefers the US1. While Brett Tolhurst of Wine Depot, our host, took great pleasure in the sour mash, which has corn, rye and barley.

Hope to get to appreciate more American whiskeys in the future – especially if these are from Jennifer Lawrence’s hometown!!

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