Pope Francis’ Favorite Food

Here’s what Pope Francis has eaten so far during his visit to the Philippines:

Pope Francis Twitter

Via Mare reportedly prepared food for the Pope’s arrival at Malacanang. Margarita Fores is said to have  prepared the food for the January16 audience at Malacanang before the mass at Manila Cathedral. While Chef Jessie Sincioco was appointed to prepare the Pope’s “daily bread”.

Chef Jessie is said to have prepared universally likeable dishes like sea bass and roast beef but has also offered the Pope some Bulacan delicacies like pastillas. She also served him dulce de leche.

The Pope seems to have not eaten much on this visit, however, as he is said to have just bottled water upon arrival at Malacanang and just mango juice the next day at the Palace.

There must be a confidentiality clause – that Jing Castaneda of ABS CBN was able to break with Chef Jessie – because the chefs have been mum on serving the Pope. Even Margarita Fores, who is quite active on Instagram, has no posts on what was served to His Holiness.

A few updates as of Jan 19, Monday, Pope Francis leaves for Rome:

carmensbest for pope
Carmen’s Best Ice Cream for Pope Francis


Carmen’s Best ice cream was ordered by PAL for the flight of Pope Francis back to Rome. According to Paco Magsaysay, PAL ordered 140 Brown Butter Almond Brittle (your favorite), and 140 Malted Milk. Yum! Wish I was on that flight – both for Pope Francis AND the ice cream, haha!

And according to Marc Licaros, the Pope was served lechon and adobo at the Papal Nuncio Thursday evening. Hope he liked it!!!

The Pope’s Favorite DulceDeLecheFood

Chef Jessie was spot on in picking dulce de leche. It is in fact one of Pope Francis’ favourite dishes as testified to by David Geisser, a member of the Vatican security corps who cooked for the Pope, in his book “Buon Appetito, Swiss Guard”.

She was also on point with the roast sirloin as Geisser shares that the Pope loves colita de cuadril (roast sirloin), an Argentinian dish.

But for the most part, Pope Francis has lived up to his reputation of being a frugal eater. Even a profile in La Nacion, Argentina’s leading conservative daily, has said that Pope Francis preferred simple (or healthy) dishes like fruit, skinless chicken, and salads, with only an occasional glass of wine.

Pope Francis: Wasting Food is Like Stealing from the Poor 

Speaking of food, here’s a throwback to a homily of the Pope at St. Peter’s Square for the UN’s World Environment Day back in 2013. His message: DON’T WASTE FOOD. What the Pope said as reported in The Telegraph:

  • “This culture of waste has made us insensitive even to the waste and disposal of food, which is even more despicable when all over the world, unfortunately, many individuals and families are suffering from hunger and malnutrition.”
  • “Once our grandparents were very careful not to throw away any leftover food. Consumerism has led us to become used to an excess and daily waste of food, to which, at times we are no longer able to give a just value.
  • “Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of the poor and the hungry.”

Maybe we can join him in a movement for this one 🙂