Bocuse d’Or Winner for 2015 is NORWAY

Here now at Bocuse d’Or and it is EXCITING! Different countries are ROARING, cheering for their chefs.



The Bocuse d’Or is arguably the most presitigous culinary award in the world. It pays tribute to Paul Bocuse, considered the father of nouvelle cuisine in France. Founded in 1987, the Bocuse d’Or is considered the most prestigious award for chefs in the world and regarded as a kind of world championship for chefs. James Bocuse, son of Paul Bocuse, was present to welcome guests from all over the world.



Thet called out the contestants one by one. Only 24 countries participated/qualified.

And finally the winners were called:

The Bocuse d’Or winner for 2015 is NORWAY.


Silver went to USA, bronze to Sweden.

Best meat award went to Finland. And best fish dish to Japan.

Congratulations to the winners!

2017 is the next Sirha/Bocuse d’Or. Hopefully the Philippines will participate in that one!