Sandy Daza is new ambassador for Canadian beef 

So proud of our friend Chef Sandy Daza who is now ambassador (naks!) for Canadian beef.

Canadian beef was launched last Monday at New World Hotel (Makati on Pasay Road across Greenbelt 3), which will be carrying their beef for the month of June.

It was explained at the launch that Canadian beef is graded like American beef (prime, choice, select) but that all Canadian beef is table beef and all their cows are accounted for via RFID tag. I guess this is just like Japanese beef so at any time you know a cow’s origins and lineage.

If you prefer steak that is still meaty, unlike Jap Wagyu that is sometimes too soft while excellent, get Canadian beef.
Sandy Daza, Canadian beef

What was also interesting in the New World Hotel presentation is how they will use the Canadian beef with their Chinese menu at Jasmine!

Check out this sosyal na siopao! 

Or this stir fried diced beef tenderloin … Yum!

This simple beef steak was also good. Was surprised to find goose liver on top!

Chef Sandy also gave a tip that as opposed to US beef, the quality is at par but the prices are more affordable! (Shhh let’s keep that tip between us 😜)

Canadian beef is available at Rustans.