Motag Living Museum: Planting rice (near Boracay) is fun!

Motag Living Museum Malay Aklan

If you are looking for one more thing to do before leaving Boracay, do check out the Motag Living Museum in Malay, Aklan – just a half hour from Bora.

It was the brainchild of  Nenette Aguirre Graf, barangay captain of Motag in Malay, Aklan, but a lovely English lady named Louise has brought life to the project.

Louise will meet you and your party at the entrance with this greeting:

Then you start the tour. First, Louise will show a basic Aklanon home – their kitchen, their toilet & bath, how they get water (note how she pronounces ‘timba’ (pail) like Simba (the lion) haha) …

I love how their kitchenware are all made from coconut!! And how the stove is made of stone!

Motag Living Museum After a tour of the house, we were brought to the fields where you get to experience what it’s like to be a farmer. I gamely took off my Toms and plunged my feet into the mud. I was surprised to find that it wasn’t icky at all – the mud was soft and warm and it felt like my feet were getting a massage!

Motag Living Museum Aklan Philippines farming agriculture

The view of the rice fields is absolutely breathtaking – although it may be very hot!

Motag Living Museum Malay Aklan Living Museum 7After planting rice (like one plant haha), I got to ride a carabao sleigh. I felt bad that the carabao would have to carry such a heavy thing – me! But if you ever get there, do get on and watch out for the surprise that the carabao will give you midway through the ride!

Motag Living Museum Malay AklanAfterwards, you will be shown how the locals manually mill and grind rice grains. It’s a fun activity for kids and adults alike! Motag Living Museum, ChabeliWhen you are done making rounds, they offer the freshest buko juice you will taste. Sooo good! You can cool down with that and watch these kids at play with their toys made from coconut shells!

The tour is then concluded with this touching farewell song.


What an experience! So happy I got to participate in this. Thank you to Krip Yuson, Mike Marasigan, Binggoy, Nina and Chabeli Remedios and Louise! ❤


The Motag Living Museum is in Malay, Aklan. Details on tours, location, etc on their website: