Sandy Daza is new ambassador for Canadian beef 

So proud of our friend Chef Sandy Daza who is now ambassador (naks!) for Canadian beef.

Canadian beef was launched last Monday at New World Hotel (Makati on Pasay Road across Greenbelt 3), which will be carrying their beef for the month of June.

It was explained at the launch that Canadian beef is graded like American beef (prime, choice, select) but that all Canadian beef is table beef and all their cows are accounted for via RFID tag. I guess this is just like Japanese beef so at any time you know a cow’s origins and lineage.

If you prefer steak that is still meaty, unlike Jap Wagyu that is sometimes too soft while excellent, get Canadian beef.
Sandy Daza, Canadian beef

What was also interesting in the New World Hotel presentation is how they will use the Canadian beef with their Chinese menu at Jasmine!

Check out this sosyal na siopao! 

Or this stir fried diced beef tenderloin … Yum!

This simple beef steak was also good. Was surprised to find goose liver on top!

Chef Sandy also gave a tip that as opposed to US beef, the quality is at par but the prices are more affordable! (Shhh let’s keep that tip between us 😜)

Canadian beef is available at Rustans. 

Moonysan on Pasay Road: Awesome and Accessible Japanese Food

Wagyu beef. Moonysan. Photo by Margaux Salcedo for margauxlicious.
Magallanes Church Family at Moonysan.
Magallanes 9 pm mass church family 🙂 Missing Fr. Benny Tuazon, my mom Baby Salcedo and Anton & Susan de Asis.

Our church family always eats out after the 9pm mass in Magallanes on Sundays. We’re always looking for a resto that will stay open til at least midnight.

Last month, we were always at Mitsuyado for the ramens and gyoza but come 11:30, they make a last call for orders and by midnight the waitresses are just all sitting at a table, as if to tell us Hello! Tama na please uwi na kami!  We also used to frequent Cafe Breton in Magallanes for the pizza (love their pizza) but they stopped serving the pizza – something to do with the exhaust affecting the neighboring restaurant – so we became resto nomads after that. 😦

Sandy Daza

Thank God for Sandy Daza (check out his tv show Foodprints HERE). He introduced me a few months ago to Moony-san on Pasay Road. Got to try this resto for the first time with food writers I look up to.

With Moonysan (standing) and (left) Micky Fenix, Maricris Encarnacion and Nina Daza Puyat + (right) Mary Ann Quioc (aka Claude Tayag's Darleng), Sandy Daza and Claude Tayag
With Moonysan (standing) and (left) Micky Fenix, Maricris Encarnacion and Nina Daza Puyat + (right) Mary Ann Quioc (aka Claude Tayag’s Darleng), Sandy Daza and Claude Tayag

Foie Gras Goes Japanese

Was surprised at their foie gras dishes. On my first visit we tried this foie gras salad.

Foie gras salad. Moonysan. Photo by Margaux Salcedo for margauxlicious.On my next visit, with my church family, we were happy to try this sushi that has foie gras wrapped in a rice roll!

moonysan 6Other sushis we loved: the Dragon roll and the torched salmon sushi.

Moonysan. Photo by Margaux Salcedo for December 2014.
Torched salmon sushi (bottom).

Imported Ingredients

Was also very impressed by their imported sashimi like the hamachi. You can really taste the difference, the quality. Was told by Tokyo regular Bella Yuchengco on Instagram: “(Moonysan) used to be called Seiji … after the Japanese chef who owned it. He is also the consultant at Mogu (they have more or less the same menu) and Wagyu Steak at Sunvar Plaza.” I remember Seiji to be oh-so-expensive, as told to me by some privileged friends. Thankfully, Moonysan is now far more accessible!

Moonysan. Photo by Margaux Salcedo for
Moonysan Hamachi. P595.

They also have what I call, to borrow a term from the wine industry, accessible Wagyu. It’s Wagyu beef – not a very high-brow grade – but oh-so-soft nevertheless. It’s truly value for your money!

Wagyu beef at Moonysan. Photo by Margaux Salcedo for
Affordable Wagyu! Wagyu Saikoro Steak P720.

Best of all is the attentive service. The crew is very welcoming and they won’t kick you out come midnight! We caught the Japanese manager Hiroaki “Hiro” Iwai and their Japanese chef when our church fam dined there last Sunday, making sure everything was ok.

IMG_6991.JPGOishi! 🙂


Moony Japanese Cuisine.
G/F Cedar Executive Bldg #1006 A. Arnaiz Ave.
(Pasay Road across Raffles)
For reservations call +632 478 7550 or 568 4440
Major credit cards accepted.
Wheelchair accessible on the ground floor.
Open daily for lunch 11:00 am to 2:00 p.m.; dinner 6:00 pm to 12mn.
Walk ins welcome.